Ng Ka Long Angus: Conquering Thai Territory with Skill and Tenacity


Tue May 28 2024

Ng Ka Long Angus
Thailand Open
Thai Masters
Lee Zii Jia
Kunlavut Vitidsarn

In the realm of badminton, Thai land seems to be a special place of luck and triumph for Ng Ka Long Angus. Displaying peak performance in Thailand, the Hong Kong Chinese shuttler has claimed victory at Thai Masters 2020 and reached three other finals at Thailand Open in 2019, 2020, and Thai Masters last year.

Ng Ka Long Angus recently battled his way to another final at Thailand Open 2024 after defeating reigning champion Kunlavut Vitidsarn of the host country in a grueling 78-minute match, winning 21-14, 18-21, 21-19. Speaking after the match, Ng Ka Long Angus expressed his inexplicable connection with Thailand, stating that he can always give his all and achieve his desires when playing there.

Leading 19-15 in the deciding set, Vitidsarn appeared poised to defend his title, but Ng Ka Long Angus was not ready to concede. With a series of six consecutive points, the 29-year-old player from Hong Kong China secured a spot in his fifth final in Bangkok after five years.

Reflecting on his victory, Ng Ka Long Angus mentioned the special significance of defeating Vitidsarn in his homeland, appreciating his opponent's skills and solid defense. Despite trailing 19-15, he maintained focus on his strategy and preparation, emphasizing the importance of physical and mental resilience in such tense matches.

Previously ranked 6th in the world, Ng Ka Long Angus faced challenges due to injuries, resulting in a drop to 27th globally. However, his recent resurgence, including winning the German Open 2023, signals a potential return to form after struggling with injuries and illnesses. Collaborating with a new coach for nearly 10 months, Ng Ka Long Angus remains optimistic about his future performances and is determined to overcome previous setbacks.

In the upcoming final, Ng Ka Long Angus will compete against Malaysia's Lee Zii Jia, who defeated veteran Chou Tien Chen from Chinese Taipei in a thrilling match. Lee praised Ng Ka Long Angus's recent form and competitiveness, acknowledging the impending challenge of facing a resurgent opponent in the final showdown.

Ng Ka Long Angus's journey in Thai badminton territory showcases his resilience, skill, and determination to succeed despite setbacks. As he gears up to face Lee Zii Jia in the final, the badminton community eagerly anticipates a thrilling clash between two formidable talents vying for the championship.