Vietnamese Siblings' Unique Journey to Olympic Paris 2024

Trang Napie

Tue Apr 09 2024

Thammy Nguyen
Nhat Nguyen
Olympic Paris 2024

The road to the Olympic Games is filled with dedication, passion, and challenges. For Vietnamese siblings, Thammy and Nhat Nguyen, their journey to Olympic Paris 2024 is a tale of determination and resilience. Thammy Nguyen, a weightlifter representing Ireland, and Nhat Nguyen, a badminton player, share a dream of competing together on the grand stage of the Olympics.

Thammy Nguyen's remarkable career in weightlifting took a significant turn a year ago when she clinched a historic silver medal at the European Weightlifting Championships. Despite taking a hiatus of seven years to focus on family and business, Thammy's return to the sport was fueled by her desire to fulfill her Olympic dream, inspired by her younger brother, Nhat Nguyen, a badminton athlete who represented Ireland at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Nhat Nguyen's sporting journey has been equally impressive, starting with winning the Under-17 European Badminton Championships in 2017. His swift rise in the badminton world led him to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics, where he showcased his talent on the global stage. With his current ranking positioning him close to securing a spot at Olympic Paris 2024, Nhat is poised to make his second Olympic appearance at just 24 years old.

Despite facing challenges in achieving the required weightlifting standards for the Olympic Games, Thammy remains grateful for her accomplishments and the impact she has had on aspiring weightlifters in Ireland. While the road to Olympic Paris may seem challenging, the determination and success achieved by Thammy and Nhat reflect their unwavering commitment to their respective sports.

As the Olympic journey unfolds for Thammy and Nhat Nguyen, their shared dream of competing together represents a testament to their resilience and passion for sport. While the path to Olympic Paris may present hurdles, the siblings' dedication and inspiring achievements serve as a source of motivation for athletes worldwide.