Malaysian Badminton Suffers as Ng Tze Yong Misses Olympic Paris 2024


Wed Apr 03 2024

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Malaysian badminton faced a setback as the talented 23-year-old Ng Tze Yong was deemed unfit to compete in the upcoming Asian Championships in Nanning, China, jeopardizing his chance to qualify for the Paris Olympics. The unexpected turn of events left fans disappointed and Tze Yong heartbroken.

Just days ago, Tze Yong had declared his readiness to participate in the Asian Championships. However, following a drop in the rankings on the Road to Paris, he knew he had a tough task ahead. National training director Rexy Mainaky revealed on Saturday that despite Tze Yong undergoing treatment for a back injury, medical clearance was not granted for him to continue competing. Both the surgical team, physical therapy experts, coaches, and Tze Yong unanimously agreed that his physical readiness was still lacking.

Rexy emphasized, "Our top priority is always the health and fitness of our players. Tze Yong’s recovery and overall condition are our primary concerns. Based on medical evaluations, he will have to withdraw from the Asian Championships with a heavy heart. While his absence at the Asian tournament also means missing out on Paris, he is young and will have future Olympic opportunities." Tze Yong has shifted to light training but hasn't resumed high-intensity workouts, including jumping.

The coming weeks will be crucial in monitoring his progress and condition. Tze Yong has a promising career ahead, and the focus now is on his complete recovery. Despite missing the Asian Championships and likely Paris, he remains optimistic about future Olympic participation.

Expressing his disappointment, Tze Yong said, "I am gutted to withdraw from the Asian Championships, but I understand that my health and recovery come first. I am grateful for the support from the medical team and my coaches. I am committed to rehabilitating to come back stronger. I hope to return to the court soon to contribute to the team in the future."

Rexy added that depending on Tze Yong's progress and fitness in the coming weeks, he might be considered for the Thomas Cup Finals from 26th April to 5th May in Chengdu, China.

The unfortunate circumstances surrounding Ng Tze Yong's health have dealt a blow to Malaysian badminton, leading to his absence from the Asian Championships and potentially the Paris Olympics. However, with a focus on his recovery, there remains hope for his return to competitive play and future Olympic campaigns. The Malaysian badminton community stands behind Tze Yong as he works towards regaining full strength and form.