Lee Zii Jia and Loh Kean Yew Clash at All England Open 2024

Conor Hudson

Fri Mar 15 2024

All England Open 2024
Lee Zii Jia
Loh Kean Yew
Rasmus Gemke
Viktor Axelsen
Shi Yu Qi
Kodai Naraoka
Lakshya Sen
Anders Antonsen
An Se-young
PV Sindhu

The All England Open 2024 has witnessed intense badminton battles, with players showcasing their skills and determination on the court. Among the highlight matches were the encounters between Lee Zii Jia, Loh Kean Yew, and other top contenders, making for an exciting tournament.

In a thrilling first-round men's singles match, Rasmus Gemke of Denmark faced off against Viktor Axelsen in an 81-minute duel, where despite Axelsen's efforts, Shi Yu Qi emerged victorious with an 18-21, 23-21, 21-19 win. However, the standout victory belonged to Lee Zii Jia of Malaysia, ranked 10th in the world, who defeated Japan's Kodai Naraoka, ranked 6th, with a score of 21-12, 21-19 in just 49 minutes. Lee's impressive performance showcased his resilience and determination on the court.

Lee Zii Jia's next opponent, Loh Kean Yew, representing Singapore, secured a swift victory against Ng Ka Long Angus of Hong Kong, China, with a score of 21-12, 21-17 in only 35 minutes. The upcoming clash between Lee Zii Jia and Loh Kean Yew in the Round of 16 will mark their 8th encounter, adding excitement to the journey towards the Olympic Paris 2024.

Meanwhile, Lakshya Sen of India defeated Magnus Johannesen of Denmark with a score of 21-14, 21-14, setting up a thrilling match against Anders Antonsen of Denmark, currently ranked 3rd in the world. The women's singles matches saw world number 1 An Se-young triumph over Hsu Wen-chi of Chinese Taipei with a score of 21-17, 21-16, advancing to face PV Sindhu of India, who progressed to the next round after Yvonne Li retired following a 10-21 defeat.

The All England Open 2024 continues to deliver exciting badminton action, with top players showcasing their talent and fighting spirit on the court. As the tournament progresses, fans eagerly anticipate the thrilling matchups and fierce competition that will unfold in the quest for victory.