Kunlavut Vitidsarn, World Badminton Champion: "I Need to Start from Zero"

Trang Napie

Thu Mar 07 2024

Kunlavut Vitidsarn
World Champion
French Open 2024
Mental Agility
Performance Recovery

Current world badminton champion Kunlavut Vitidsarn faced a challenging journey in recent tournaments, culminating in a hard-fought match at the French Open 2024. Reflecting on his struggles and the pressure of being a champion, Vitidsarn acknowledges the need for a fresh start to regain his form.

The Indonesia Masters in January 2024 marked Vitidsarn's best performance since a series of early defeats, reaching the semifinals. However, at the French Open 2024, he found himself laboring to survive after squandering four match points against Brian Yang of Canada in a tense opening match. Vitidsarn admitted his failure to meet the standards set last year, attributing his decline in form to the pressure he faces as a world champion.

Addressing the challenges that led to his slump post-World Championships, Vitidsarn recounted a period of interviews followed by injury and illness, leading to a lack of adequate training and mental fatigue upon resuming practice. The burden of expectations and the consequent loss of control over his game under pressure resulted in making errors more easily.

While physically fit, Vitidsarn struggled with his confidence and performance, especially in the tough men's singles category. Recognizing the need for a meticulous approach, he emphasized the importance of starting anew from scratch to rebuild his game and mental fortitude. The transition from a strong mindset last year to seeking a reset underscores his determination to overcome obstacles and rediscover his winning ways.

As Kunlavut Vitidsarn navigates the hurdles of elite badminton, his candid insights into the mental and physical challenges of sustaining success offer valuable lessons. Embracing the opportunity to learn from setbacks and adapt his playing style, the reigning champion's readiness to begin afresh symbolizes resilience and determination in the face of adversity.