"Dominant Performances at Thomas Cup: A Look Back at China's Triumphs"

Conor Hudson

Tue May 14 2024

Thomas Cup
BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals

The Thomas Cup 2024 held in Chengdu, China marked the fourth time China hosted the prestigious BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals. The competition concluded on May 5th, with China clinching the Thomas Cup title. Let's take a moment to reminisce about the past men's team world champions in China.

In 2002, in Guangzhou, the Thomas & Uber Cup Finals introduced a unique 7 x 5 scoring system, playing 5 winning sets to 3, with a victory achieved at 7 points and a 2-point lead. In case of a 7-7 draw, an additional deciding set was played. Making history as the first nation to win five consecutive Thomas Cup titles, Indonesia fought back after trailing twice in the final match. Malaysia initially led before Indonesia's Sigit Budiarto / Candra Wijaya triumphed over Chew Choon Eng / Chan Chong Ming.

Despite unexpected setbacks, Indonesia's Taufik Hidayat and Hendrawan contributed to securing the championship. Hendrawan, despite sustaining an injury while leading, managed to win the final match against Roslin Hashim. This victory brought him to tears as he credited his teammates and coaching staff for their support.

China, matching Indonesia's record of five consecutive championships, clinched an impressive overall victory without dropping a single match. Lin Dan's stellar performance against Lee Hyun-Il set the tone for China's success. Cai Yu / Fu Hai Feng and Chen Long secured consecutive wins, leading China to its 9th Thomas Cup victory and a sole triumphant win on home turf.

In a historic turn, Denmark claimed victory after eight consecutive finals losses. Standout performances from their singles players, including Hans-Kristian Vittinghus's decisive win over Ihsan Maulana Mustofa, propelled them to success. Viktor Axelsen and Jan O Jorgensen also secured crucial victories in the final against Indonesia.

The Thomas Cup has witnessed remarkable performances and memorable moments throughout its history in China. As teams continue to strive for excellence in the competition, each victory and defeat add to the rich tapestry of badminton's legacy. China and Indonesia's dominance, along with Denmark's breakthrough, showcase the diverse and competitive nature of the sport.