Nguyen Thuy Linh: A New Milestone Awaits in 2024


Thu Feb 15 2024

Nguyen Thuy Linh
Paris 2024 Olympics
All England
Olympic Seeding

After a short break during the Lunar New Year, badminton player Nguyen Thuy Linh, also known as the hot girl of badminton, is set to make her international comeback at the prestigious All England tournament from March 12-17, 2024. While All England is also an Olympic qualifier this year, it is evident that Nguyen Thuy Linh's goal goes beyond securing a spot in Paris 2024, as she has almost guaranteed her ticket to France. Her realistic target now is an unprecedented achievement for Vietnamese sports: a seeded position at the Olympics.

This upcoming year presents a new milestone for Nguyen Thuy Linh, following her breakthrough in 2023, where she reached the top 20 in the world and secured her spot at the Paris Olympics. It is this significant progress that motivated her to compete in high-level tournaments like Super 750 and Super 1000, where she faced off against top 10 players from around the globe.

Of course, such prestigious competitions come with the risk of early elimination. Nguyen Thuy Linh mentioned, "I have received numerous messages recently, expressing concern for my well-being. The media has covered both positive and negative news. At times, I found myself contemplating the next step and feeling mentally and physically drained."

But then, she reevaluated the value of her thoughts for her future endeavors. She decided to focus on positive elements, abandoning negative assumptions, even if they were just hypothetical. She looked in the mirror and smiled, acknowledging her efforts and the fact that she never lost to herself in any aspect. Although she may not be the best, she accepts that balancing both her studies and her sporting journey is the best path she can take. Although it may be difficult to say she is entirely happy, knowing that she still has miles to go, a healthy body to work with, a positive mindset, and the support of her family, friends, coaches, sponsors, and fans, she realizes she has much to be thankful for.

Everyone has expressed their desire to see her on the badminton court. Just her presence brings joy to them, and they eagerly await her performance, regardless of the outcome. With this in mind, Nguyen Thuy Linh will never step out onto the competition court or training ground without giving her 100% effort.

With such determination, Nguyen Thuy Linh is not afraid of failure. She understands that as she progresses, her opponents will also improve. Hence, the race to secure an Olympic seeding is not an easy one this year, but she is determined not to give up. Once she secures her spot at the Olympics, why not compete in bigger tournaments, where the world's top players gather? There is a high chance that Nguyen Thuy Linh will face formidable opponents in Paris. At that time, even if she doesn't break into the top 14 rankings, she will become a feared opponent for all seeds. Everyone knows that Vietnam's number one female badminton player will not just participate but will compete with a mindset of achieving more than just numbers.

Nguyen Thuy Linh's journey in 2024 holds a new milestone - the prospect of an Olympic seeding position. With her unwavering determination and gratefulness for all the support, she will continue to push boundaries and inspire not only badminton enthusiasts but also the entire sports community in Vietnam.