Chou Tien Chen Leads Chinese Taipei to Historic Thomas Cup Triumph


Mon May 06 2024

Thomas Cup
Chou Tien Chen
Chinese Taipei
Viktor Axelsen

In a surprising turn of events at the 2024 Men's World Team Championships, Chinese Taipei secured their first-ever Thomas Cup title, with the color of the medal yet to be determined. Veteran player Chou Tien Chen played a pivotal role in this historic achievement by defeating world number one Viktor Axelsen from Denmark.

Chou Tien Chen displayed an inspiring performance against his formidable opponent, Viktor Axelsen, forcing Denmark to struggle for recovery. Despite being drawn into a grueling 68-minute battle with the world's top player, the 34-year-old athlete, who has been battling cancer, pushed past his limits, employing clever shot placements to gain an edge.

Expressing his exhaustion, Chou Tien Chen acknowledged Axelsen's exceptional skills, stating, "He is the best player in the world, and I always believed he could turn the tide. I focused on what he could do. My teammates were cheering for me, knowing I needed to win this for them. So, I maintained my pace towards the end. I didn't know what was happening; the game just kept swinging. I thought he had many different strategies, so I tried to stay a step ahead, doing something different, like changing my serving style, to alter the rhythm. That was the key to victory."

2016 Olympic champions Wang Chi-Lin and Lee Yang recognized the weight of history as they faced Kim Astrup/Anders Skaarup Rasmussen from Denmark. The Chinese Taipei pair secured a swift victory of 21-14, 21-15 in just 37 minutes, never easing up and capitalizing on every opportunity.

Subsequently, Lin Chun-Yi's powerful smashes against Anders Antonsen propelled Chinese Taipei forward in the first game. While Antonsen managed to regain his footing by dictating the match's pace, Christopher's 72nd-minute victory determined Denmark's comeback potential, hinging on Rasmus Kjaer/Frederik Sogaard.

Although Kjaer/Sogaard had their chances, Lee Jhe-Huei/Yang Po-Hsuan's strong momentum required only a slight change in motivation for the Chinese Taipei duo to seize the opportunity. In a thrilling showdown, Lee Jhe-Huei/Yang Po-Hsuan ousted the Danish competitors, ensuring Chinese Taipei's maiden Thomas Cup triumph in history.

In the remaining quarter-final match, Indonesia triumphed over South Korea 3-1, with the duo Fajar Alfian/Daniel Marthin ensuring their safe passage to the semifinals.

Chou Tien Chen's remarkable performance and leadership have propelled Chinese Taipei to an unprecedented Thomas Cup victory, making history in the world of badminton. This unexpected triumph reinforces the unpredictable and captivating nature of the sport at the highest level.