** "TPHCM and Đồng Nai Triumph in Women's Doubles at 2024 National Badminton Team Championships"**

Conor Hudson

Fri May 17 2024


The 2024 National Badminton Team Championships, competing for the LI-NING Cup VIII, saw intense battles among top women's teams. With TPHCM and Đồng Nai leading the charge in the group stage, the stage was set for thrilling knockout matches.

In the group A decider, TPHCM showcased their dominance by defeating Thái Bình with a commanding 4-1 victory. The trio of Vũ Thị Anh Thư, Vũ Thị Trang, and Lê Ngọc Vân proved too formidable for Thái Bình's resistance. Despite a setback in the first doubles match, TPHCM's singles players secured the win convincingly, sealing their path to the semifinals.

In group B, Đồng Nai faced off against Bắc Giang in a closely contested battle that ended in a 3-2 triumph for Đồng Nai. Nguyễn Thùy Linh and Nguyễn Thị Thu Huyền emerged as heroes for Đồng Nai with their impressive performances in singles and doubles matches. Although Bắc Giang faltered without key players like Trần Thị Phương Thúy and Thân Vân Anh, the match provided thrilling badminton action till the last point.

The 2024 National Badminton Team Championships provided spectators with top-class badminton performances from TPHCM and Đồng Nai. As the knockout stage draws closer, fans can expect more intense matches featuring the best talents in Vietnamese badminton. Stay tuned for the semifinals and finals to witness who will emerge victorious in the quest for the coveted LI-NING Cup VIII.

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