Viktor Axelsen Claims First Title of 2024 at Malaysia Masters

Trang Napie

Fri May 31 2024

Viktor Axelsen
Lee Zii Jia
Malaysia Masters 2024
Axiata Arena
Paris 2024
Olympic gold medalist

World number 1 badminton player Viktor Axelsen secured his first title of the year at the Malaysia Masters 2024. The competition was fierce as the local hero Lee Zii Jia put up a strong challenge, but Axelsen's determination and focus ultimately led him to victory.

The atmosphere at the Axiata Arena was electrifying as Lee Zii Jia fought valiantly against Axelsen. Despite the noise and distractions, Axelsen remained unfazed, staying composed and dedicated to achieving glory. Reflecting on the intense match, Axelsen shared, "The atmosphere was crazy, an amazing experience playing against Lee at Axiata. I couldn't even hear my own thoughts. I definitely couldn't hear my coach say anything. I felt a lot of pressure right from the start. I am extremely happy with my first title. I have faced many challenges since the beginning of the year. Overcoming them once again feels great."

With only two months left until Paris 2024, the Olympic gold medalist expressed his satisfaction with his performance, stating, "I had a great tournament here. Overall, 90% of the time, I played very well, so I am extremely pleased with that." Meanwhile, Lee, coming off a recent victory at the Thailand Open, battled through cramps throughout the week to reach his second consecutive final. Despite his loss to the stronger opponent with a score of 6-21, 22-20, 13-21, Lee's resilience and determination did not go unnoticed.

Axelsen commented on Lee's strong performance, acknowledging, "Lee played an amazing second game. I really didn't have the crowd support, so the clear victory is fantastic." For Lee, the back-to-back finals provided valuable learning opportunities for growth. He shared, "There have been a lot of positives in these two weeks, and I have learned a lot. It's a good stepping stone." Despite facing discomfort in his foot, Lee reiterated his commitment to his fans and expressed his need for rest and self-assessment following the intense competition.

Viktor Axelsen's triumph at the Malaysia Masters 2024 showcased his resilience and skill as the world's number 1 badminton player. The fierce competition against Lee Zii Jia and the challenging road to victory exemplified the dedication and talent of these top athletes in the sport.