Vũ Thị Anh Thư Shines Bright, Vietnam’s Badminton Hope at Ciputra Hanoi Yonex Sunrise 2024

Leon To

Wed Mar 13 2024

Vũ Thị Anh Thư
Ciputra Hanoi Yonex Sunrise 2024

In the women's singles event of the Ciputra Hanoi Yonex Sunrise 2024, reigning champion Nguyễn Thùy Linh's absence due to European commitments left Vũ Thị Anh Thư as Vietnam's lone contender. Facing Hong Kong's Yeung Sum Yee, Anh Thư battled through a tough start to secure a remarkable comeback victory.

As the match commenced, Anh Thư appeared sluggish compared to her opponent, committing numerous errors in delicate exchanges and allowing Yeung Sum Yee to take a significant lead. Despite seeming poised for defeat in the first set, the 2001-born player regained her form in time, mounting consistent pressure on her opponent and clinching an impressive 22-20 come-from-behind win.

Overcoming mental burdens, Anh Thư showcased stellar performances in the second set, igniting the arena with her exceptional shot-making. Faced with overwhelming pressure, Yeung Sum Yee quickly crumbled, succumbing to a 9-20 loss.

With a convincing 2-0 victory in under 30 minutes, Anh Thư progressed despite a challenging start. Her next opponent will be the winner of the match between Yulia Yosephine Susanto and Lin Sin Yu, the tournament's seventh seed.

Vũ Thị Anh Thư's triumph at the Ciputra Hanoi Yonex Sunrise 2024 not only showcases her resilience and skill but also bolsters Vietnam's prospects in badminton. As she advances in the tournament, fans eagerly anticipate her continued success on the court.