Lakshya Sen's Resilient Journey Back to the Top of Badminton

Conor Hudson

Mon Mar 11 2024

Lakshya Sen
French Open
Li Shi Feng
Asian Games
world ranking

After struggling to advance past the early rounds in his last ten tournaments, Lakshya Sen has finally made it to the quarterfinals of the men's singles at the French Open 2024. This marks a remarkable performance by the Indian shuttler, currently ranked 19th in the world, as he defeated the 4th-ranked Li Shi Feng of China, the runner-up of the French Open and the reigning Asian Games champion.

For Sen, reaching his first quarterfinal since July last year is a realization of a deep-seated desire. He expressed his emotions, likening it to a child losing a piece of candy, always yearning for what is his. The intense physical battle against Li Shi Feng culminated in a hard-fought victory of 15-21, 21-15, 21-13, showcasing Sen's determination and skill on the court.

Having previously reached a career-high world ranking of 6 and clinching a silver medal at the world championships, Sen remains optimistic for the future. He acknowledges that the best is yet to come and emphasizes the importance of continued hard work. Sen credits his recent success to an improved performance and boosted confidence, gained through rigorous training in recent months.

Looking ahead, Sen focuses on the need for more practice and strategic solutions on the court. Reflecting on his recent matches, he notes a lack of competitive play, emphasizing the importance of finding solutions under pressure. While satisfied with his recent training regimen, Sen acknowledges the areas that require further development to enhance his overall game.

Lakshya Sen's journey back to the top of badminton is a testament to his resilience and unwavering determination. With a renewed sense of confidence and a hunger for success, Sen is poised to continue his upward trajectory in the world of badminton. As he strives for greatness, the Indian shuttler remains focused on honing his skills and overcoming challenges to achieve his ultimate goal.