Intense Battle in Mixed National Team Badminton Finals for Kamito Cup 2024


Wed May 01 2024

Kamito Cup 2024
Mixed National Team
Bac Giang
Thua Thien Hue

The climax of the national mixed team badminton championship for the Kamito Cup 2024 took place today, 20th April, at the Thua Thien Hue Gymnasium. Teams from HCMC and Bac Giang faced off in the Group A final after a week-long event that showcased top talent from various provinces.

In an exciting matchup, Bac Giang's hopes for clinching the title rested on the shoulders of their female players. Tran Thi Phuong Thuy brought confidence to the women's singles, while Than Van Anh made a significant impact in the women's doubles alongside Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lan. Furthermore, Than Van Anh also played a crucial role in the men's doubles, partnering with Pham Van Hai. However, in terms of overall strength and depth, HCMC seemed to have a more varied arsenal.

With the likes of Nguyen Tien Minh and Nguyen Hai Dang, HCMC boasted two formidable options for the men's singles event. Ranked 77th in the world, Nguyen Tien Minh, along with Nguyen Hai Dang, provided a strong foundation for the team. In the women's singles, Le Ngoc Van may well yield her spot to the experienced Vu Thi Anh Thu, the world No. 101, who currently holds the title of Vietnam's second-best female badminton player. The women's doubles combination of Vu Thi Anh Thu and Vu Thi Trang also added to HCMC's considerable strength. To enhance their chances of claiming the championship, HCMC might consider deploying the mixed pairing of Nguyen Tien Minh and Vu Thi Trang.

The competition in the mixed national team badminton finals for the Kamito Cup 2024 has showcased the remarkable skills and strategies of various provinces' top players. As the clash between HCMC and Bac Giang unfolds, badminton fans eagerly await the outcome to see which team will emerge victorious and claim the prestigious Kamito Cup.